Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


By the present rental agreement, the company rents out the car mentioned on the first page of the present to the renter. This car fully complies with the lessee’s preferences under the following conditions:

  1. The renter received the vehicle in good order and condition and he must return it in the same condition with all tools, tires and other parts and he must return it at the same place, date and time that are written in the front page of this agreement. If renter fails to return the car at that specific place and deliver it to one of the company’s representatives, then it is considered as abandoning the vehicle and violating the terms of this agreement.
  2. The rental period of this agreement is written on the first page. If the renter wants to extend the rental period, he must inform the lessor at least 48 hours before the agreed return time. The lessor has the right to take the vehicle back from the renter if he does not drive according to the traffic regulations or if he drives against the interest of the lessor. Rental extension is possible only if there is availability of the vehicle.
  3. The renter has the obligation to keep the vehicle in good condition. He must check the oil, water and tires during the rental. Renter will be held responsible for damages that may be caused by lack of attention or by ignoring any mechanical fault sign. Any service or replacement of a part or accessory of vehicle during rental must have the owner’s prior approval. Renter must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as he received it.
  4. The lessor shall not be responsible for damage to any property left or transported by renter or other person in, or upon the vehicle before, during or after the rental or after the return of the vehicle to the lessor’s office.
  5. The renter has to take all necessary precautions to avoid theft of the car and its accessories, even when he does not use the car.
  6. The lessor has made every effort and taken all precautions to prevent any machine defect and is not responsible for any damage or defect caused by the lessee.
  7. If the renter delays to return the car at the arranged return time, the charge per delayed hour is 1/5 of the daily charge of the vehicle.
  8. Vehicle shall not be used by anyone under age 23
  9. Vehicle shall not be used also:

  • By anyone who is not a qualified licensed driver, or by anyone whose license has been issued within 12 months from rental date, or whose license has been withheld, revolt, revoked or suspended within the previous year.
  • to instruct an unlicensed person in operation on vehicle
  • Against the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • To carry persons or property for hire
  • To carry more persons than it is licensed for.
  • To transfer or carry heavy luggage or badly smelling goods, narcotics.
  • To tow other cars or trailers.
  • In any race test or contest.
  • By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or guns.
  • By any person without the advanced authorization of the lessor.
  • For any use against the Hellenic Law.
  • Outside the island.
  • To non-paved roads, sand roads, off road, dirt roads outside official driving network, roads without signs and regulations.
  • By anyone is not authorized by the lessor and not written on the rental agreement.

    10. Customers are responsible for and shall pay parking and traffic violations.


a) The lessor company provided insurance coverage for persons using vehicle with its permission (and not otherwise) in accordance with an automobile third liability insurance policy, which is available for inspection.

b) The renter and the authorized drivers are not covered by personal accident insurance unless renter accepts Personal Accident Insurance at the time of rental by initialing in “Accept” box on the front page. c) Luggage insurance is not available and renter is responsible for any loss or damage or property belonging to the passenger.


The lessor company enables the renter to choose when signing the rental agreement, the additional coverage C.D.W. by initialing in “Accept” Box and paying the corresponding estimated daily premium. In this case the renter’s liability in case of an accident is limited to the amount that is written at the front page of the rental agreement.


The lessor company enables the renter to choose when signing the rental agreement, the additional coverage and pay the corresponding estimated daily premium. In this case the renter is not liable for any damage caused to the car in case of an accident. Prerequisite is that the traffic regulations and the terms of this contract have not been violated.


The lessor company offers the possibility of selecting during the signature of the rental agreement, the covers of the insurance contract of personal accidents of KAPPA with an insurance company of its choice at the forecasted daily price.


The lessor company allows the renter to choose when signing the rental agreement, the tire waiver. In this case the renter is not responsible for damages which may be caused to the tires of the car during the lease. The tire waiver does not apply when:

a) Traffic regulations have been violated

b) Terms of this contract have been violated

c) Drive the vehicle outside of the official Greek driving network where traffic regulations don’t apply. 15. In case of accident or any other incident the customer is responsible to follow the insurance procedure as set out below: a) Take photos of the accident b) Call the police. c) Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses. d) Do not accept any responsibility or fault for the accident, until the police has found the guilty party. e) Contact immediately by phone or other way, the lessor. f) Obtain all relevant information from the third party or parties (car number, names etc.). g) Complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours from the time of the accident h) Send any other documents or information relative to the accident to the lessor. i) Take safety measures at the scene of the accident.

16. Lessor is not waived from any legal claim reported on this agreement or contained in legal force over this agreement.

17. Delivery problems may compel the company to cancel a reservation or supply another car.

18. Any and all disputes which may arise between the lessor and customer shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction on the courts of Chania on Crete.

19.The renter in not subject to any refund before the expiration of the rental agreement.

20. There is no insurance coverage in all the cases that the Greek Traffic Law States so.


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